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Displaying images in SwiftUI views from Swift Package resources

Long title for something that should be simple, but actually kind of hard to search online.

Writing AWS SQS producers and consumers in Swift (Demo)

I published on GitHub an example of an AWS SQS producer and consumer application written in Swift.

Distributing and Consuming SwiftUI views with Swift Package Manager

It is possible to embed SwiftUI views in Swift packages with Swift Package Manager, so they can be distributed, online or internally in y...

Creating iOS Application Icons with SwiftUI

SwiftUI was introduced to the world at WWDC in June 2019. While the main goal for SwiftUI is to build rich user interfaces on iOS and oth...

Dealing with camelCase, snake_case, PascalCase, kebab-case and other custom JSON property names in Swift

Swift’s Codable protocol (together with Encodable and Decodable) was introduced in Xcode 9 with Swift 4. This changed for good how we enc...

Using regular expressions in Xcode to search and replace text

I had to convert a long list of error codes from C# to a Swift enum, and thought this would be a great opportunity to use regular express...

Using GitHub label colors for social media image background

After I started using GitHub Actions to generate social media preview images for my blog, I wanted to use them on my home page. This part...

Preventing GitHub workflows from running when the issue is still open

I’ve been working on some updates for my Blog Engine here and there. One of the updates was to prevent the publishing workflow from being...

Twelve Days of Christmas

I didn’t want to end the year without completing this challenge from Scott Smith (@scottsmithdev). The challenge consists on printing out...

The power of plain text

I’m sitting in the couch te-reading The Pragmatic Programmer, and couldn’t but share this quote.

Making beautiful architecture diagrams with Keynote

I started working on an updated architecture diagram to illustrate the current state of my Blog Engine, and decided to write about the to...

Generating Social Media preview images with SwiftUI and GitHub Actions

Social Media previews look pretty neat when sharing links to your blog on social media (e.g. Twitter). These can be configured in many wa...

Testing Linux Swift packages from macOS terminal with Docker

For those of us that write Swift Packages that run on Linux, testing them on that platform before deployment can be a good time saver. Sp...

My 2020 year in review

Here are some of the things I did in the tech-sphere on 2020.

How to quickly type Apple keyboard symbols (⇪⇧⌃⌥⌘) on macOS & iOS

There might be better ways to do it, but here is my trick: using system shortcuts.

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I am a software engineer, currently working full-time at Mindbody in San Luis Obispo, California. There, I get to work with very talented people, crafting beautiful mobile applications for our clients and their customers.

Here are some of my technical skills:

  • Swift on iOS, tvOS, macOS & Linux (AWS Lambda 🎉)
  • REST API design & integrations
  • Database modeling (RDBMS and No-SQL)

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