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First time using Xcode Cloud

Here I am, finally got access to Xcode Cloud, so let’s give it a shot and see how it works. I’ll be writing this post as I go, and learn ...

Displaying images in SwiftUI views from Swift Package resources

Long title for something that should be simple, but actually kind of hard to search online.

Writing AWS SQS producers and consumers in Swift (Demo)

I published on GitHub an example of an AWS SQS producer and consumer application written in Swift.

Distributing and Consuming SwiftUI views with Swift Package Manager

It is possible to embed SwiftUI views in Swift packages with Swift Package Manager, so they can be distributed, online or internally in y...

Creating iOS Application Icons with SwiftUI

SwiftUI was introduced to the world at WWDC in June 2019. While the main goal for SwiftUI is to build rich user interfaces on iOS and oth...

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I am a software engineer, living in San Luis Obispo, California. In my career, I’ve developed many kinds of software, including UNIX services in C/C++, desktop applications for Windows, websites and web services in PHP and Ruby on Rails, and more. This last decade however my main focus has been iOS development, having released many different applications and features to the App Store.

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