If you’ve been following my recent tweets or issues on this my Blog repository, you might be aware that a couple of days ago, I started working on this idea of using GitHub Issues for creating post entries for my GitHub Pages Jekyll site.

After several hours of super fun work spread over these three days, between bike rides, walks, movies, and other PTO fun, I managed to put together this Frankestein of blogging engine. And this is just the start (or so I believe).

The most important thing is that it works!


Current Architecture

As described in my previous articles, I thought of building this using only GitHub Actions. However, I really like working with AWS Services, so this was an opportunity to have some fun and implement a couple of things: an SQS queue, and a Lambda function (in Swift) for processing events.

Blog Architecture

If by any chance you find this interesting, and would like to know more details, please leave a comment or ping me on Twitter.

This article was written as an issue on my Blog repository on GitHub (see Issue #9)