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Grand Prix Stats is an application for Apple TV that provides information about the Formula 1® driver and constructor championships.

The application provides the following information:

  • Season Navigation from 2000-2015
  • Season Race Calendar
    • Race Results
    • Qualifying Results
    • Starting Grid
    • Fastest Laps
    • Race Track Layout
  • Season Driver Championship Standings
  • Season Constructor Championship Standings

Season Navigation

Grand Prix Stats includes information from all seasons from year 2000 to year 2015. Navigation between seasons is done using a previous/next season format, where the user can quickly move from one season to another.

Season Navigation Menu - Grand Prix Stats Season Navigation Menu

Season Race Calendar

Season Calendar - Grand Prix Stats Season Calendar

Race Menu

Race Menu - 2015 United States Grand Prix - Grand Prix Stats Race Menu - 2015 United States Grand Prix

Race Results

Race Results - Grand Prix Stats Race Results

Qualifying Results

Qualifying Results - Grand Prix Stats Qualifying Results

Starting Grid

Starting Grid - Grand Prix Stats Starting Grid

Fastest Laps

Fastest Laps - Grand Prix Stats Fastest Laps

Race Track Layout

Race Track Layout - Grand Prix Stats Race Track Layout

Season Driver’s Championship Standings

Driver's Championship Standings - Grand Prix Stats Driver’s Championship Standings

Season Constructor’s Championship Standings

Constructor's Championship Standings - Grand Prix Stats Constructor’s Championship Standings


Open the App Store application on your Apple TV and search for “Grand Prix Stats”. The application should appear on the list.

Under the Hood

Grand Prix Stats was developed in:

  • Xcode 7.x
  • Swift 2

Backend API

All data displayed by Grand Prix Stats is provided by the Ergast Motor Racing Developer API.

Application Architecture

Backend Services

  • CircuitService
  • DriverService
  • RaceService
  • SeasonService
  • StandingsService
class RaceService {

    static let sharedInstance = RaceService()

    func loadQualifyingResults(race: Race, callback: [QualifyingResult] -> Void) {
        JSONRequest.get("\(Ergast.baseURL)/\(race.season)/\(race.round)/qualifying.json?limit=30") { result in
            switch result {
            case .Success(let data):
                let json = JSON(data!)
                let results = json["MRData"]["RaceTable"]["Races"][0]["QualifyingResults"].arrayValue
                callback( { QualifyingResult(json: $0) })
            case .Failure:

    func loadRaceResults(race: Race, callback: [RaceResult] -> Void) {
        JSONRequest.get("\(Ergast.baseURL)/\(race.season)/\(race.round)/results.json?limit=30") { result in
            switch result {
            case .Success(let data):
                let json = JSON(data!)
                let results = json["MRData"]["RaceTable"]["Races"][0]["Results"].arrayValue
                callback( { RaceResult(json: $0) })
            case .Failure:


Data Structures

  • Circuit
  • Constructor
  • ConstructorStanding
  • Driver
  • DriverStanding
  • FastestLap
  • Location
  • QualifyingResult
  • Race
  • RaceResult
  • Season
  • SeasonStanding
struct Circuit {

    var circuitId: String
    var name: String
    var url: String
    var location: Location

    init(json: JSON) {
        circuitId = json["circuitId"].stringValue
        url = json["url"].stringValue
        name = json["circuitName"].stringValue
        location = Location(json: json["Location"])